25 Years, 25 Things

As my 25th birthday approaches, I’ve decided to compile a list of 25 things to acknowledge to avoid having a quarter life crisis.

    1. Do you. Nobody else has the chance to, so own it
    2. Travel. Any.Chance.You.Get. I will never regret spending every last disposable penny I have on adventures around the world.
    3. Love your friends. I have some of the best ones.
    4. Mischief. As long as it’s not [super] illegal, break the rules sometimes. It makes for good stories.
    5. Life is a beautiful struggle. Struggle is everywhere, but those struggles build you and define who you are. I choose to see it as a beautiful thing.
    6. Be nice. There is no excuse not to be, and the world is a small town.
    7. Create. Don’t care if you’re not creative, exercise that part of your brain in some way or another whatever chance you get.
    8. Change is constant. Plus ça change, plus ça reste la même. Whatever language you want to say it in, you better be able to adapt.
    9. Don’t judge people. Everyone is fighting a battle, yada yada yada, but seriously just because it doesn’t work for you or look appealing to you doesn’t mean it’s not working perfectly perfect for them.
    10. Volunteer. Find something you’re passionate about and give back. Not everyone has had the same resources given to them as you, so share what you can
    11. Love. Your family, your friends, your person, your life. Feel love.
    12. Perfectly imperfect moments. Learn to love the imperfections.
    13. Get your grammar on. You can be the smartest person in the room, but you start mixing up they’re there their and you look like a dumbass
    14. Be Classy. Or at least be conscious of trying to be classy.
    15. Work Hard. Duh. It will get you places.
    16. Get Lucky. However you want to interpret that, luck is necessary.
    17. Be Spontaneous. Some of the best nights and trips I’ve had involved me making a last minute decision. Don’t be afraid to say yes.
    18. Don’t be afraid of the rain. Literally and figuratively.
    19. Laugh. Surround yourself with people who make you laugh, and laugh at yourself too.
    20. Embarrassing Moments. Happen way too often to be embarrassing anymore. Just roll with it.
    21. Manage your finances. Laughing at how low your bank account is is only funny for so long.
    22. Appreciate. Everything.
    23. Don’t learn how to fold a fitted sheet. It’s just not worth it. And who cares
    24. Hide. Under your desk, at the grocery store, inside your house. Sometimes you just need to not see somebody/anybody.
    25. Be happy. It’s a choice.

And one more for good luck…

                26.  HAVE FUN. Having fun is fun. And no one looks stupid when they’re having fun.

Cheers to 25.


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