Israel, Part 6 – Gaza Border

First stop after leaving Jerusalem was Netiv HaAsara. This is a community right on the boarder of Gaza. This area is in constant danger of being hit by rockets coming from Gaza. There are multiple barricades, including 2 heavy duty cement walls. One to keep out artillery one to keep out sniper fire. Our host, Shmulik Rosenbaum, took us in FRONT OF the sniper wall to show us a taste of what life is like in their community.


walking along the sniper wall

gaza wall

pieces of the wall with an army guard station in the background

gaza border

members of the community have created a peace wall on a portion of the wall

peace wall

adding my own piece of peace!

peace wall

for lunch, we went to this amazing hummus place. Lots of different hummus options with different toppings: meat, mushrooms, pesto, egg, etc etc.


Next we visited Sderot, which is less than 1 mile from the Gaza Strip. The Sderot Media Center hosted us and taught us about life in Sderot. Since October 2000 the city has had thousands of Qassam rockets fired at it.  Many of these rockets are homemade so they’re not perfect and therefore don’t always kill, but they have killed an estimated 11 residents. Thousands have been injured, millions of dollars of damage done, and about 75% of the residents suffer from PTSD.


A small amount of missiles fired at Sderot, housed at the local Police Station.

They have an alarm system which once the “Red Color” alarm sounds, they have 7-15 seconds to get into a bomb shelter before the rocket touches down. Because of this constant danger, there is about 1 bomb shelter for every 2 residents. All bus stations double as bomb shelters. The structure of the parks the kids play in double as bomb shelters