Road Trip!

I recently moved from San Clemente, California [back] to Park City, Utah. It would have been easy to drive direct, I-15 the whole way, through Vegas (been there, done that,) but I don’t ever do things the easy way. That is boring. I convinced my friend Allison to fly to SoCal and make it the longest CA-UT drive ever. Here is the journey…

Goodbye San Clemente!


We started with a pit stop in Santa Barbara to visit an old college friend, Carly (from University of Vermont, woo!) I knew I couldn’t leave California without stocking up at my absolute favorite vineyard, Saarloos and Sons in Los Olivos, so we headed to see Keith and get our wine vibes on!



It’s also a great excuse to eat the best cupcakes ever from Enjoy.


After that we moved onto Solvang, a beautiful little Dutch town 20 minutes from Los Olivos with tons of wind mills


We had lunch at Succulent Cafe which was delish.

succulant cafe

We were racing daylight at this point, so we decided to camp at San Simeon Campground.


Luckily the beach is right across the street so we got to witness a pretty amazing sunset.




Fun story, we had just finished dinner when 2 bikers stopped by looking for directions to the hiker/biker sites. Turns out after biking 16 hours for the 3rd day in a row you don’t want to turn around and go back up the hill, so we offered to share our larger than necessary campground. I asked them if they were axe murderers (they said no, just to clarify) so I figured we covered our safety bases.Β  Turns out one of the guys and I have a mutual friend, small world. Also, racking up camp karma points.

The next morning our goal was to make it to Kirk Creek Campground, which we’ve been told fills up super early each day. If you know Allison or I, you know waking up early isn’t our strong point. Our camp karma came back to us though and we got the last available campsite for that night. Not a bad place to spend some time…


We drove around Big Sur for the day exploring…

Wouldn’t be a Big Sur road trip without stopping to see the lazy seals.


Thank you, State Parks!


Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park

Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park

Lunch at Nepenthe. Not a bad view!


Bixby Bridge

bixby bridge

We’re fairly dirty at this point and with no showers at the campsite, we decided to go swimming at Sand Dollar Beach. As soon as we got there, the heaviest fog rolled in and it got super cold. That didn’t stop us from taking a dip, twice, just to make sure we were clean. The European family walking by bundled in multiple layers thought we were absolutely insane. We probably are.


Time to enjoy the Saarloos wine! Not above drinking it out of Solo Cups


And now the most perfect of all things perfect….

kirk creek

And our lovely camp host, Keith!


Morning time brought us to Big Sur Bakery, a must stop on the way!


Moving on we drove to Yosemite National Park. Such a beautiful place! No words can describe it, but Magnificent is my best try.



There were absolutely zero campsites available in the park, so we got a canvas tent at Camp Curry. It’s not called camp for no reason, this is like summer camp for adults/families.

camp curry


We were working with SUPER limited time ( approximately 20 hours) to cover a National Park that you could spend a year in and never see it all. So, we decided to do the easiest most touristy things. We hiked up to see Vernal Falls, which were super dry and tiny but it was fun nonetheless.

vernal falls

Showing my love for nature


We drove up to Glacier Point Observation for sunset. The drive up was just as impressive as the view from the top.


I was bored of taking your typical scenery + person photos, so convincing a little boy from India to take a jumping photo for us was interesting and so worth it. And It worked! Half Dome in the back


“All that the sun shines on is beautiful, so long as it is wild.” – John Muir


Made it to Utah!


And now this is my home. From one beautiful place to the next!



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