Israel, Part 7 – Tel Aviv

Ahh Tel Aviv. I had no idea before this trip how much of a metropolitan city this was. We were lucky to stay at the Golden Beach Hotel right on the Mediterranean Sea. We spent the afternoon swimming in the magical Mediterranean. The water was so warm, the sand was super hot, and there were lots of baby jelly fish all over!

Here is the view from our room at sunset!

tel aviv

Our last night in Israel was spent partying in Tel Aviv. Dressed for the occasion!


Our tour guide Yoav has his party wig on


The next morning we got a tour of Independence Hall.


The exact room the Declaration of Independence was signed.


Yes, that is a duck sitting on the table. That is schmucky the ducky. She became our group mascot and the focus of many photos. She not only stands there and looks pretty, but has a switch that makes her dance a special interpretative style dance. There were a few dance breaks where we all followed along.

Chocolate milk in a bag. More for the experience than the taste..


Exploring Jaffa, the oldest part of Tel Aviv


Cacha and I in Jaffa with Tel Aviv in the distance


Jules and I found this adorable cafe.

A glass of rose was quite appropriate!


Jules strolling through the Jaffa market


Exploring the streets of Jaffa


Our last supper together


New friends!



Shalom Israel! Until next time…



One thought on “Israel, Part 7 – Tel Aviv

  1. My amazing Daughter! LOVE your Blog. How approp that you call yourself ‘Belle Lutte’! You have always put up a ‘good fight’ and I love you MORE And I am so proud of you! I feel like I was in Israel with you. Good Job Amanda! xoxo

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